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Can I Afford to Slipcover?

For the most part, slipcovers are an investment in maintaining or changing the look of your furniture. Do you need to buy new furniture to slipcover? Absolutely not! In fact, you would be amazed at what lies beneath most of my projects. Instead of purchasing new furniture, a custom slipcover becomes affordable merely by reinventing the furniture you already own.

slipcovered chair, floral fabric, club chair, slipcovers
Custom slipcovered chair in a floral Vervain fabric

Often, my clients and I find incredible pieces at thrift stores, yard sales, FB Marketplace or even hand me downs. The magic lies in the fabric and design makeover for these beauties awaiting a cheerful wake-up call with a great slip.

Here are some Before and After makeovers, featuring incredibly average chairs. These pieces were either free, previously owned, or minimally priced second hand. Considering the average price of a new, well-designed chair easily starts at $500 and can run into the thousands, investing in slipcovers (that can be washed and cleaned) for previously owned furniture is a worthwhile and comparable alternative.

chair before slipcover makeover
Before Queen Anne chair purchase $25

Blue and White Slipcovered chair makeover
After Queen Anne chair with $150 of fabric + labor

To further keep prices within your budget, the selection of fabric will affect your overall investment of owning slipcovers. I have seen incredible deals on linens, brushed denims, twills, and heavier cottons in the $8 - $14 a yard range. Or, if your budget allows, hire a designer having access to the trade and shop gorgeous fabrics from Brunschwig & Fils, Kravet, Schumacher, or Lee Jofa, to name a few. (PSST. These can often be heavily discounted at your local and online home & decor stores as well.)

Parsons Chair Slipcover Makeover
Before Parsons Chair purchase $15

floral slipcovered Parsons Chair slipcover makeover
After Parsons Chair $120 fabric + labor

The majority of slipcovering costs will come from labor; i.e. the time The Slipcover Atelier spends designing, cutting, sewing, and tailoring your slipcover. Once you've ordered an initial set, snap up another pair for seasonal changes, perhaps, lightweight fabrics like ticking for summer, heavier linens for winter.

If you would like to hear more about the affordability of slipcovers, let's connect through my Contact page on this website. I look forward to giving your furniture a new and attainable breath of fresh air!

Traci, xo

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