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The BEST White Fabric for Slipcovering

slipcovered chair slipcovers slipcovered club chair with box pleats
Box pleated club chair slipcovered by The Slipcover Atelier in off white Bull Denim.

QUITE often I am asked "which fabric should I use for white slipcovers?" and each time I answer unequivocally, "Big Duck Canvas Bull Denim." Hands down. I use this durable yet soft denim in nearly 100% of my client's projects when they request a white slipcover.

BELOW are my top 3 reasons why you might consider it, too.

(Some of these products have affiliate links. The price stays the same but I am paid a small fee from your purchase.

Thank you for your support!)

What Lies Beneath? - At 12oz weight, this Bull Denim provides the coverage necessary for even the darkest of fabrics on furniture. Frequently I am making slipcovers for older pieces in darker tones or heavy patterns. There is virtually no visible signs of patterns or color underneath with this fabric.

slipcovered chairs white slipcovers wingback slipcovers
Modern wingback chairs in a previous dark Buffalo Check, slipcovered by The Slipcover Atelier.

How Low Can You Go? - Priced under $15.50 a yard, this 54" wide fabric is reasonably inexpensive. In fact, compared to a bargain fabric house it often beats their prices. When slipcovering a sofa, you will need close to 20 yards of fabric. This material is truly value friendly for slipcovering larger or multiple pieces.

slipcovered sofa kravet upholstery Bunny Williams Brushstroke lamp Uttermost firescreen
Slipcovered sofa that was upholstered in a dark brown damask in off white Bull Denim. Ottoman upholstered in Kravet Dancing Leaves.

I Will Survive - Let's face it. Slipcovers are for the dogs, the kids and the people. Your slipcovers are made to be worn AND washed (or dry cleaned). My own Bull Denim slipcovers (above photo) have survived coffee, red wine, dog slobber and dirt by merely throwing them into the laundry with a small amount of Persil detergent. I dry them just until damp, iron if needed, and put them back on the furniture. Voila! Just like new. BONUS POINTS: This material is pre-shrunk as well.

SHOP all fabrics available online at Big Duck Canvas here.

slipcovered sofa slipcovers the slipcover atelier Sherrill furniture
Sherrill Furniture sofa slipcovered by The Slipcover Atelier in off white Bull Denim from Big Duck Canvas.


Sometimes when we come across a product so good we have to share it with Friends, right? Above I mentioned washing my slipcovers with Persil detergent. Can I say, I am SO impressed with that product! I used to be a diehard Tide user until a woman from Americasmart mentioned using Persil on her fine cotton towels from Portugal. I decided to give it a try on some white towels from Costco that I was ready to throw away. They were about 6 years old and getting really dingy looking. I washed them in Persil ProClean with Oxi and I was astounded at how new they looked. I shared the product with my friend, Lauren, and she was even more impressed. I was on the phone with her when she opened up her dryer and said "Oh WOW!" "What??" I replied. "I can NOT believe how white these towels are! Unbelievable!" Her husband commented "Did we get new towels?" She then laundered everything that was white in her entire home with Persil. Now, if that isn't a testament to the effectiveness of something wonderful, I don't know what is. (Also worth mentioning, it smells amazing!) Have you switched to Persil? What was your experience? I just love it. CLICK HERE to learn more about Persil ProClean. Let me know what you think!

Have a great weekend!


The Slipcover Atelier

(Disclosure: I am an affiliate for Big Duck Canvas, but I would happily recommend

this product without an affiliation. It's simply the best.)

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4 comentários

Persil is amazing. Even the sensitive skin variety is a powerhouse and while fragrance free it still has a very clean scent that I really like. The ProClean is unreal. I too was a die hard Tide w/bleach user for years and years, but used the powder. I didn't like switching to the liquid, it didn't seem to have the same strength, then that powder was getting harder and harder to find since the new HE machined take liquid. I read a Best List and Persil beat Tide! So I tried it and haven't looked back.

Respondendo a

Hello Anne! Thank you for your comment and I couldn’t agree more with you! It’s so incredible. I think people really need to experience Persil to join the “club”!


Hello Sharon! The bull denim is a 12oz, 100% cotton material


Is the off white polyester? Have you tried the white or natural cotton bull denim?

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