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Tools of The Slipcover Atelier

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

Here at The Slipcover Atelier, there are specific tools used for making slipcovers. Below is a breakdown of many of the items I use daily. If you have a desire for sewing your own slipcovers, or are just curious about the process, I hope this list is helpful to you!

(Disclosure: Some of these products have affiliate links. The price stays the same but I am paid a small fee from your purchase. Thank you for your support!)

a french settee bench slipcovered in floral fabric by Spoonflower
Slipcovered French Settee, by The Slipcover Atelier, with ballet ties and arm bands

  1. Juki DDL 5550N Industrial Sewing Machine: Made in Japan, the Juki industrial sewing machine is extremely fast and is essential for professional sewing results and stitch quality. I purchased mine here from Sewing Machines Plus. They can also be found here on Amazon. For the casual slipcover maker, this digitized Brother sewing machine will produce very nice results as well.

  2. Serger: For professional finished seams, a serger is essential. It allows you to wash your slipcover and keep the seams from fraying at the ends. Currently I'm using a Husqvarna serger (aka The Beast) but will be switching to this Juki industrial serger. It's very quiet and even faster than The Beast. Perfect for the Atelier!

  3. Glass pins: I use the pin-fitting method for creating slipcovers, so I need a strong, nickel plated pin that is also long enough to pin through multiple layers of fabric. My favorite pins are the Dritz white glass pins in 1 3/8" length. One reason I love these pins so much is that when they drop on wood floors, I hear the ping sound of the glass head when it lands, letting me know I need to search for it quickly before it is stepped on.

  4. Scissors! Where for art thou scissors? For fabric cutting, I use Gingher Dressmaker Fabric Scissors. They are incredible to work with and make cutting fabric like cutting butter. For cutting threads and small snips around curves, nothing beats the Fiskar 4" Detail Scissors. They are so precise! I cannot say enough good things about the precision you'll get from this affordable tool. I highly recommend both scissors to make your life easier when sewing!

  5. Tailors Chalk: For marking lines I have two favorites. Clover Triangle Tailors Chalk and this variety Pack of Triangle Chalk, The difference between the two is, the former is wax based and will not come off after ironing or dry cleaning. The variety pack is more chalky and will come off easily with water.

  6. Seam Ripper: I have two favorites. The Clover Ergonomic Seam Ripper is easy to hold and a tip so slim it will remove the smallest of threads. I have a new favorite that my daughter bought me for Mother's Day. This personalized name Seam Ripper from Etsy is so wonderful. I absolutely love the weight of it in my hand and it makes pulling threads out a breeze.

slipcovers, slipcovered chair, floral fabric, The Slipcover Atelier
Slipcovered club chair using Vervain chintz fabric, Botanique

Drop me a message if you have any questions about any of the above listed products.

Be sure to stay in touch if you are interested in The Slipcover Atelier Workshops. The first will be a Parsons Chair Workshop in June, 2024. I will add your name to the growing list!



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