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Scented Sugars

Here is a beautiful and easy gift giving idea for friends, hostesses, neighbors or just to keep in your own pantry - scented sugars! Infused sugars are delicious when added to hot tea, baked goods or on the rim of your favorite cocktail! They literally involve 2 ingredients, sugar and

culinary grade florals.

I made mine using glass spice containers with a clip lid, found at Marshalls, but you can find them on Amazon, the Container Store or even your local Walmart. Wash the containers and let them dry thoroughly. I let mine dry overnight. You don't want any moisture collected in the lid.

Using culinary grade Lavender (I found mine at Penzeys) and culinary grade Rose Buds and Petals from Amazon, I mixed 1 cup Dixie Crystals sugar to 1 tablespoon of florals.

That's it. Mix well.

I made a couple of batches to fill 8 glass containers.

I found it useful to use a funnel to fill the spice jars.

If you'd like to infuse a Vanilla Scented Sugar, the recipe is 1 cup sugar to 1 vanilla bean.

The florals will completely infuse with the sugar in about a week and lasts around 3 months.


Thank you for reading, everyone! I hope you'll enjoy these sugars at home and share this post with your friends.

(P.S. It makes your kitchen smell fantastic!)

xoxo Traci

Hembree House Interiors

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