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How to Make Vintage Lavender Sachets

After a weekend getaway to Savannah this spring, I was inspired to create these vintage lavender sachets after snapping up one at The Paris Market on Broughton St. They're easy to sew and make a great birthday or hostess gift.

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Vintage Lavender Sachets

The perfumery from a lavender sachet tucked into a drawer, hanging on a hook or close-by your workspace just makes the day a little brighter. It's no surprise that lavender scent is one of the top selling candle and home fragrances on the market.

Here is my inspiration - a cute farm sack sachet from The Paris Market with drawstring.

So French, oui?

I took my Hembree House logo to the local printer and had a stamp created (mine measures around 3x2) and used regular stamp ink to transfer onto the fabric. You can also use a stamp of animals, florals, or a simple monogram letter.

Pulling fabrics from my sewing room, I chose a soft pink linen and a striped blue and white cotton ticking for my sachets. They looked "vintage-y" and seemed perfect for holding fragrant lavender buds.


Cut fabric 13" long and 5 1/2" wide

Here are my stamped piles of fabric ready to sew.

With the image wrong side out, fold fabric in half.

Sew down the entire length of one side, using a 1/2" seam allowance.

Sew the opposite side, stopping 1" stitch from the top. Backstitch to secure.

Fold top down 1" and press with fingers, creasing the fold.

I cut a generous 20" string to make it easy to work with and trimmed later. Insert the cut string around the entire sachet and push it towards the fold.

(You want the string out of the way of the pocket opening when you stitch the opening closed.)

Sew 1/2" stitch from the top fold, around the entire sachet. Be careful not to sew over the string. Keep it pushed towards the fold.

When you get to the 1" opening on one side, pull the strings out and past the pocket. Continue sewing the pocket opening closed.

Turn the sachet right side out and fill with lavender buds. I used Earthwise Aromatic Lavender Buds from Amazon - Here is the link.

This size of sachets will hold about 1 cup of dried lavender. After filling, pull the drawstring closed. I slowly pulled on each side until it was tight and made several knots.

And here is the finished lavender sachet! You can tie on a cute charm as well. I used skeleton keys, since that is on my Hembree House logo.

Feel free to drop me a line if you make your own sachets or have any questions on this How-To.

I'd love to hear from you!

Thanks for reading!

Traci at Hembree House

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