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Escape to Madison - Part 2

Victorian home,  Madison Georgia, wrap around porch, mansion in Madison
Beautiful home for sale in Madison, Georgia

Hello, you lovely people.

Before I finish Part Deux of the Escape to Madison/Holiday Tour of Homes, let me finish with my mid-afternoon spent in Covington, specifically the shops in the Town Square. Christmas in small town America carries an intrinsic atmosphere of joy and wholesomeness, from my perspective. The stylish storefront windows, the thoughtfully placed items that lure shoppers in; the whispered aroma of delicate pastries and hot brewed coffee in cute cafes - it is Nostalgia 101 for me growing up as a child.

Ridge Avenue & Co. storefront in Covington, Georgia

Ridge Avenue & Co was my favorite store. Their storefront is a wintry wonderland of suspended pine cones, metal cloches, accent pieces and a beautiful snow smitten tree. In addition to their attentive and kind staff, there is beautiful wall art for sale, soft goods, furniture, ornaments, tableware, custom upholstered items, delicious home decor and more. I definately suggest stopping by when you're in Historic Covington. Visit the link above to their website. The drone video of the Square is mesmorizing!

I bought a cute kitten ornament to give to my granddaughter for her first Christmas (we call her Kitty) and a long spool of strung paper hearts to use on Valentine's Day.

Before heading to Madison, we stopped for a coffee to go at Bread & Butter Bakery. Very popular hang out for a pick-me-up. And the pastries were an added bonus! Shelves were brimming with provisions such as jams, teas, clothing, relishes, and so much more. Great coffee - nice people.

Back in the car, hot coffee in hand, we drove 16 miles to attend the Tour of Homes in Madison - the Candlelight edition. There was a daytime tour as well, but I haven't attended a night tour before and neither had my friend, Lauren. There were four homes, total. Photos were not allowed, however, at the last home people were whipping out their IPhones so I happily ENJOYED (I mean, participated in) the rule-breaking. Lauren stood cover while I got a few pics to share with you!

Downstairs entry to the Barnett-Stokes-Ball House
Girl's bedroom in Barnett-Stokes-Ball House

Don't you love the floral wallpaper behind the twin beds?

The next morning we got up and drove back to Madison for fun and basked in the glory of the antebellum homes. There are just so many - you feel as if you've slipped back into time and are wrestling with your petticoats. Below is a classic Revival home called Oak House, built in1898. It is called Oak House for the extensive oak trees on the property and the original stairway banisters that also bear oak trees.

If this home and property look familiar to you, it is the film site for the TV series The Originals.

This is the carefully clipped parterre garden, where the most adorable cat showed herself.

"Never mind me. I just live here in the lap of luxury."

Here on the back veranda were multiple, paired rocking chairs that overlooked the pool and pool house. Let's all move here, shall we?

Not my best photography I'll admit. This was a drive-by photo from the car while I captured how charming simple, decorated posts can be, despite the awaited grandeur as you walked the boxwood path leading to the front door.

I feel a much loved home is not complete without a justly, loved gate. This trellis gate proved the perfect interpretation of my thoughts.

When I returned home from my weekend get-away, I immediately decided my husband and I must move into a farmhouse in rural Madison or Social Circle. That's it. Pack up the furniture, we're gone. An hour or so passed as a quietly fell back into my routine, back in love with my perfectly delightful, brick cottage in my perfect, but not so rural, Roswell. Maybe one day, but not this day.

xoxo, Traci

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1 Comment

Cheri Dietzman
Cheri Dietzman
Mar 29, 2020

I always feel like moving somewhere I have fallen in love with while visiting! I get it!

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